Say Hello to FastClasp™

Say Hello to FastClasp™

Miss Betty asked kittens from The Perth Pinup Community and Pretty as a Pinup Gal what they disliked most about Pinup-style shoes - and overwhelmingly you all said

That pesky pin buckle!
It's too fiddly - they take forever to finally get through the hole.
I'm tired after a long day on my feet, I just want to get my shoes off and relax.

Miss Betty listened! Almost every ankle-strap design we have comes with FastClasp™ - an innovative buckle system used for years by professional dancers to modify their shoes.

Well you don't have to modify our shoes! We have had it done for you.

Setting your FastClasp™ is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to Wear FastClasp™ Shoes

  1. Unhook the FastClasp™ and slide your foot into the shoe
  2. Re-hook the FastClasp™ at the front of the pin buckle and adjust the pin buckle as you would normally to your desired length.
  3. To take off your shoes, simple unhook the FastClasp™ - you can do it one handed!

Miss Betty - FastClasp

You're all set! Never have to mess with that pin buckle ever again!

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