Where did the Dresses go?

Where did the Dresses go?

I'm getting plenty of you messaging me to ask where did all our dresses go.

There are several reasons there are currently no dresses in the shop.

The first is that you bought them all at Rock Rattle and Roll! That's right, I had only 9 dresses left at the end of the day. Thank you SO SO Much!

The second reason is - even though Miss Betty is an authorised retailer for Hell Bunny, Atomic Kitten, Lindy Bop, Bettie Page and every other big brand you know - we don't want to stock items that you can get just about anywhere else online or locally.

We don't want to compete with the fantastic local businesses - we want to COMPLIMENT them!

We want you to have variety and options when shopping at events, retail and online, so we won't be stocking the same brands as everyone else.

Because we do hold agreements with all the major brands, we are always happy to SPECIAL ORDER anything in for you! Just ask :)

The third reason is that holding piles of stock is expensive, and being a little one-woman show, Miss Betty cannot be purchasing in tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock and then paying to store it and still offer you great prices and awesome quality.

And because quality products are the only products we want to offer, we only hold limited stock at any particular time.

Miss Betty does not have a retail shop. We don't have any staff. We do still have to do all the same paperwork, accounting, taxes and legal upkeep that any other business does.


That's right. We've taken a lot of time talking to you at Events and finding out what you want in an outfit - fabrics, styles, cut etc and have been negotiating with a fantastic manufacturer to have custom dresses made.

Samples will be on show as soon as they arrive.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

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