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Rumble 59 is a Premium Brand created in Issen, Germany.

Rumble59 was established in 2007.

Referring to the year 1959, the number 59 symbolizes the Rock'n'Roll era, to which we have devoted our products, our attitude and ourselves. The word “rumble” vests the essential corners and something rough to the brand. Moreover, the song “59” (”Everything I love is from '59”) of Brian Setzer (Stray Cats) perfectly outlines our brand’s feeling.

Rumble59 mixes authentic 50ies clothing with actual styles. We don’t want to compete with authentics, who are searching for 40s Levi's pieces on flea markets or Japanese websites. Rumble59 offers everyday clothes with a tribute to the 50s. Our clothes are affordable and reliable - because a 50s worker jacket isn't good, if you can’t wear it in your garage.

Aside from several deep blue denim styles, the continuously expanding Rumble59 assortment offers t-shirts, shirts and blouses, sweater, jackets, skirts and dresses, knitwear and uncountable accessories and specials. 

Schmiere - Rumble59's own pomade is made in Germany since 2009 and successfully exported in the whole world.

We all know that real ladies don't start a fight - but they can certainly end them in style. This shirt reveals your true colors: There's a wild cat inside you, raring to get out and ready for any skirmish... because you are: born to be wild. Show off your...

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