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Please note that you are ordering your USA SIZE. Follow our chart below as we do not accept returns for ordering the wrong size.

Please order UP half a size to a full size - our shoes do not stretch.

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Swimwear Size Chart

Please note that the sizes shown next to swimwear are the same as the sizes in the below chart. Please check your size carefully before ordering, as US sizing is not the same as AU sizing.

Bettie Page, Esther Williams and Girl Howdy

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How do I know what Size I am?

Here at Miss Betty Clothing, we source outfits from several different suppliers, to ensure a great range all year long.

To help you find your size, we include a generic size chart with every product listing.

We also include specific size charts with items that fall outside of our usual sizing parameters.

If you are in doubt or unsure, you can drop us a line via Facebook Messenger or via email to ask for help.

There are two ways to check the item you are ordering will fit you (both need you to have a measuring tape – you can get them at any Coles or Woolworths).


  • Take a dress that fits you well from your wardrobe and lay it out flat – not stretched – on a flat surface such as your kitchen table.
  • Using the measuring tape, measure along the bust seam to seam. Repeat along the waist of the dress, and from top of the shoulder to the hem.
  • These are the laid flat measurements. Double the measurements for the Bust and the Waist to get an approximate size. Match these to our sizing on the item you are interested in.
  • If the item says it has no or little stretch, we strongly recommend that you size up from your normal size.


  • Wearing your normal underwear, use the tape measure to take your measurements.
  • Measure your bust by running the tape around your back, just on the shoulder blades, over your breasts at nipple level. The tape must be horizontal to the ground.
  • For your waist, measure your natural waistline – this may not be where you think it is! Your natural waistline is halfway between the bottom of your ribcage and your belly button. Your belly button is NOT your waistline! Make sure the tape is firm, but not tight.
  • To measure your hip, find your hip bones and measure around your bottom and across your hip bones, keeping the tape measure level.
  • Method Two can be easier with a friend to help, as keeping the tape horizontal at all times is vital for accurate measurements.