Miss Betty Clothing

Perfect for under dresses and skirts - the only thing you'll flash when the breeze lifts your petticoats is these adorable french style knickers.
- Color: White.  
- Material: Polyester.
- Size S: 27-42cm(Waist); 25cm(Front Crotch); 104cm(Hip); 25cm(Length); Fit for weight of 40-47.25kg.
- Size M: 28-44cm(Waist); 26cm(Front Crotch); 106cm(Hip); 26cm(Length); Fit for weight of 45-57.2kg.
- Size L: 29-46cm(Waist); 26.5cm(Front Crotch); 108cm(Hip); 27cm(Length); Fit for weight of 50-57.5kg.
- Size XL: 30-48cm(Waist); 27cm(Front Crotch); 112cm(Hip); 28cm(Length); Fit for weight of 55-62.25kg.